Advanced Custom Fields Auth XSS Vulnerability

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#Product : Advanced Custom Fields
#Exploit Author : Rahul Pratap Singh
#Version : 4.4.7
#Home page Link :
#Website :
#Linkedin :
#Date : 1/5/2016

Authenticated XSS Vulnerability:

“type, label, name and field” parameters are not sanitized that leads to XSS.

Vulnerable Code:

File Name: testfiles/advanced-custom-fields/core/views/meta_box_fields.php

Found at line:97

<div class=”field field_type-<?php echo $field[‘type’]; ?> field_key-<?php echo $field[‘key’]; ?>” data-type=”<?php echo $field[‘type’]; ?>” data-id=”<?php echo $field[‘key’]; ?>”>

Found at line:105

<a class=”acf_edit_field row-title” title=”<?php _e(“Edit this Field”,’acf’); ?>” href=”javascript:;”><?php echo $field[‘label’]; ?></a>

Found at line:113

<td class=”field_name”><?php echo $field[‘name’]; ?></td>

Found at line:251

<input class=”conditional-logic-field” type=”hidden” name=”fields[<?php echo $field[‘key’]; ?>][conditional_logic][rules][<?php echo $rule_i; ?>][field]” value=”<?php echo $rule[‘field’]; ?>” />


No Fix

Vulnerability Disclosure Timeline:
→ April 24, 2016  – Contact to Vendor via support
→ April 24, 2016  – Vendor Response
→ April 27, 2016  – Bug Report Sent
→ April 27, 2016  – Vendor Response, asked for more info
→ April 28, 2016  – More info sent
→ April 29, 2016  – No fix. To do list for version 5.0


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